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How does solar energy power plant work?

Solar energy power plant is a type of system that supplies the electricity to our use. The power system has many components such as solar panel, inverter, transformer and other accessories (i.e. cables, connectors, etc.). This power plant size is huge and requires a lot of space for installation and operation. The solar power plant is two types but we explained below in details.

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How Does Solar energy power plant work?

To understand the working of solar power plant first we should know about of solar energy power plant type:

Type of solar power plant

As mentioned before the solar energy plant is of two types.

1) Individual solar energy power plant

It is classified into two types.

1.A) Thermal solar energy power plant:

Its use for heating water and drying clothes. Also, its use to heat the house during the winter session.

1.B) Photovoltaic solar energy power plant:

This use for powering the electrical devices of the house. The photovoltaic solar panel use for generating the electricity and this photovoltaic solar panel made of the combination of many photovoltaic cells.

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2) Concentrated solar energy power plant

Concentrated solar energy power plant_1


Concentrated solar energy power plant, uses lenses or mirror to concentrate the sunlight. when the concentrated light is converted into heat then electricity is generated by derived the heat turbine connected to the power generator.

Different types of concentrations are used and accordingly, different temperatures are produced.

a) Parabolic Trough

b) Compact linear Fresnel reflector

c) Stirling dish

d) solar power tower

Let’s goes to the conclusion of the working of a solar energy power plant.

Now after knowing the solar power plant types, we can understand the electricity generated with the help of sunlight. We can generate electricity with the help of available solar energy power plant. firstly, the photovoltaic solar system generates electricity by uses of cells. And second, the concentrated solar system uses the reflector for concentrate the sunlight on the receiver and converted into heat after that with the help of the turbine generate the electricity.

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