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How to solar panel work and type of solar panel

How to solar panel work and type of solar panel

How to solar panel work and type of solar panel

Sun is the ultimate source of energy and how much energy it provides in one hour is enough to fulfill the World’s energy requirements for a year.

we are using one technology for converting the sun energy into electricity which is called a solar panel. One thing comes to our mind about a solar panel that how the solar panel works and types of solar panel.

And this solar panel work by hitting the photon to knock the electron from their space and this movement generating the electricity. Type of solar panel is defined in the different generation.

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Solar panel made of a combination of many components which are as follows:

How to solar panel work and type of solar panel
Solar Panel Component
  1. Glass
  2. Solar Cell
  3. Encapsulant
  4. Back sheet
  5. Frame
  6. Junction box

Let’s see,

What is the science involved in a solar panel?

We have seen the components of solar panel so let’s try to understand the use of all components.

  1. Glass:

    The glass is the front part of the solar panel it is used for protecting the module.

  • Solar Cell:

    The solar cell is also known as photovoltaic cell. The basic raw material used to make the solar cell is silicon. During cell manufacturing p-n junction is formed in the cell. Typically the cells size is 4 inch X 4 inch it can generate avg. 0.5 to 0.6 volt.

    When sunlight (Photon) hit the solar cell and electron are knocked from their place and free to move in one direction. P-n bot layer is combined with wire which helps to provide the path for the flow of the electron and recombine with the hole and this process generates electricity.

  1. Encapsulant:

    This is used the before and after solar cell and it provides the adhesion between the solar cell and protecting against the environmental stress.

  • Back Sheet:

    This is used after Encapsulant in solar panel and made up of plastic and different thickness. It is used for protection against the weather and moisture.

  • Frame:

    It is the last part of a solar panel which is used for ensuring the coupling cell, glass, Encapsulant, back sheet. Aluminum is used for making the frame.

  • Junction Box:

    Junction box attached to the back sheet of solar panel which transfers the electricity from the solar panel to string.

Various types of solar panel available in the market have been classified in the generation.

Generation Solar Panel
1st Generation Solar panel · Monocrystalline (Mono-SI)

· Polycrystalline (Poly-SI)

2nd Generation Solar panel · Thin Film (TFSC)

· Amorphous Silicon (A-SI)

3rd Generation Solar panel · Biohybrid

· Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)

· Concentrated (CVP & HCVP)

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