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Is installation of solar panel on roof safe?

installation solar panel on roof

“Will the Mounting of Solar Panel damage the Roof?” roof is the best place to install the solar panel, but with the right decision and consultation, you can avoid to loose the warranty of roof, waterproofing, and thermal performance.

Installing the solar on the roof is an asset for the 25 years. So before making the decision to install the solar panel consult with the professional installer. People who don’t have the background in solar installation only they can install on the roof, but they are not considering the roof life and impact on roof performance or other difficulties during maintains.

How are panel installed?

Installing solar on the roof is not only generating electricity. It’s also to consider the strength of mounting system for the long-lasting time. But installing rooftop solar is totally worthless if the roof gets damage or leaky. These installers only install the solar panel they did not understand the condition of the roof.

Here is a checklist you should consider before adding the solar panel on the roof.

1.) The direction of the module: The orientation of modules placing on the roof is the most important factor. If modules are not placing according to the location then power will loss.

2.) Shadow-free space: If your roof in partial shadows then this will affect the output of the solar system.

3.) Age of roof: ideally solar panels having long lifetime around 20-25 years, be sure about your roof life because installing solar panels on a roof that is having only 10 years is left this will trouble to replace the roof and also a financial issue.

4.) The flow of water: Water drainage required properly. Because interrupting of flow of water may result in leakage.

5.) Maintenance Plan: Getting the return on investment is difficult if your solar panels covered with the layer of dust. So, maintenance is always required for solar panels. It’s important when choosing a solar installer to check their work credential.

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