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Off-grid and hybrid solar system-which one is best?

Solar system with battery

In the previous post How to Use Solar Power for Your Home? Type of solar system was mentioned, Now in this article will try to answer and understand about the frequently asked question “Do I need to install solar batteries with my solar power system?”

Solar system with battery is classified into two types: Off-grid and hybrid solar system

Off-grid solar systems allow you to store the solar power for use when the power grid is not available. The advantage of this system is energy independent (means you will not receive any electricity bills), provide the power at night. An off-grid solar system can be installed anywhere. Where the sun is available. The main disadvantage of this system is cannot fulfil the demand of your load since we know the cost of the battery is higher. And such a system is required a lot of space.

Off-Grid Solar

The hybrid solar system is also allowing you to store the power for use when the grid is not available. The difference of this system is this system connected with the grid and also the battery is used to store the excess solar power.

Grid-Connected with battery bank Solar

So from the above points and facts, the off-grid system is not recommended for homeowners. If the battery is required so most of the solar developers are recommended to use the hybrid solar system. In case remote area where the grid is unavailable so the off-grid option is might be the best alternate solution.

“Hope you have understand Off-grid and hybrid solar system-which one is best?”

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