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Top 10 reason to install solar PV system at home

Install Solar PV System

People always ‘why should I install solar PV system?And ‘Reason to go with solar system?Solar power is trending source of renewable energy. So, many peoples plan to install the solar system on the roof to take financial advantages.

But, there are many reason install solar system and we are covering the Top 10 reason to install the solar PV system. Also, this is help to push new home owners to go with solar PV system.

1.) Securing the environment

Everyone has the main concern to reduce the electricity bills by installing the solar system. But the solar system is also beneficial for environment. Electricity generated by solar system means the use of grid electricity is less. And we know that the grid electricity are generating by coal which is biggest source of carbon emission.

And solar is also renewable and Sustainable source of energy.

2.) Advantage of government incentives

Government has launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) to install 100GW solar energy by 2022. In this target they have set 40MW for rooftop solar system. And the government is providing subsidy for home owners to install the solar system. In addition they are also providing the Net-metering to sell the excess electricity into grid according to state policy.

3.) Increase the home value

When you are installing solar system, you are adding the value for home. You are adding the own power plant for your home use. This will result to save the electricity bills and also sell excess energy into grid during winter session.

4.) Reduced the electricity bills

5.) Electricity independency

Solar energy is produce by using the radiation of sunlight. As we know the grid energy are producing by the help of oil, coal and natural gas. And demands of electricity continuously increasing and we will continuously decreasing the amount of oil, coal and natural gases. Then going with solar system is great option for fulfill the requirements of energy.

6.) Secure Investment

Going with solar system, it is simple to calculate the generation and price for next 25 Years.

7.) Low Payback period

Solar energy system will pay the cost of system in 5 to 6 year depending upon the system size. And installing the solar system saving will start from system operating days.

8.) Performance guaranty

Sun is the source of solar system by using the solar panel. And we know that solar panel manufacturer offer the performance guaranty of solar panel is 25 Years. And after this period the performance will degrade up 20%.

9.) Easy to install

The installation of solar plant is easy and many of consultant and EPC contractor offer the installation service as less price. The main equipment solar system is solar panel, inverter, mounting system, cables and connectors.

10.) Less maintains required

Maintains of this power system is very less as compared other source of energy. Inspection of system and cleaning of solar panel is required but very less. Inspection few times in year, and cleaning frequency depends on location.

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